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LAND Trust

School LAND Trust Budget 2020-21

LAND Trust Amount = $93,891

2020-21 TSSA Amount = $118,538.36

Proposed 2020-21

Goals: SBG, Blended Learning (BL), Technology, RTI (Math/Science/Reading)MS/PLC = Middle School / Professional Learning Communities

Salaries / Benefits (100-200) $69,891 Instructional Aides - RTI 

  • 7th Period Authorizations - RTI 
  • Teacher Work Day/Substitutes -RTI, SBG Collaborative Time for Curriculum Development – RTI, SBG
  • Benefits

Services / Miscellaneous (300-500) SBG,RTI, BL $15,000 MS/PLC – Interventions 

  • MS/PLC – Staff Collaboration Trainings 
  • MS/PLC – Professional Development  
  • MS/PLC – Conferences, Registrations, Workshops, Travel, Lodging

Supplies (600) - Media Books, Software, Textbooks, PlayAway $7,000

  • Books/Periodicals/Audiovisual/Software –Technology 

School Safety/Digital Citizenship $2,000 Suicide Prevention Training, Emergency Preparedness Week 

  • Classroom Emergency Kits, Parking Lot Safety, Safe Walk Routes
  • Digital Citizenship Training for Students  (NetSmartz, Common Sense Media, IKeepSafe, etc) 

Equipment (700) -Technology $0 Equipment

  • Computer Equipment

If additional monies are available, funds will be used for teacher grants and/or to provide collaborative time for teachers to team, develop assessments, curriculum mapping and for teachers to participate in conferences and/or professional development. Substitutes and assistants to support student learning and the PLC process. Offer extra courses/classes to reduce class sizes. Provide travel costs for national conferences. Excess funds will also be used for after school enrichment and academic support. Student incentives, up to $2, to improve behavior.

Link to Proposed Budget