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Digital Learning Information


Chromebooks will be issued to every student at HVMS and are an integral part of our learning. Each student will keep the same Chromebook the entire time he/she is a member of the Hidden Valley student body.  The Chromebook will remain the property of the Jordan School District and you will need to follow the Acceptable Use Policy in order to use the computers and Chromebooks provided by our school. Be sure to read the policy in its entirety, and ask an adult if you have any questions or concerns. 

  • Expectations for Storage & Safety
    • Chromebooks are student responsibility once checked out to them.
    • Chromebooks may be taken home.
    • Chromebooks need to be fully charged by the student so they can be used daily. 
  • Loss or Damage of Chromebook
    • Students will immediately report any malfunctions or damage of the Chromebook to a classroom teacher or administrative staff member at school. 
  • The parent/student will be responsible for the repair/replacement cost of any damage to the Chromebook.  The parent/student will be responsible for the replacement of any lost or damaged Chromebook 
    • Chromebook $200
    • Screen replacement $35
    • Charger $40
    • Keys $7.50 (each)
    • Case $10
  • Opt-Out Options
    • Parents/Guardians may buy their student their own Chromebook
    • If a parent chooses to buy their student his/her own Chromebook that device will only be allowed to access the internet via JSD Guest.
  • Refusal of Chromebook Checkout
    • Should a parent/guardian refuse the option of having their student check out a Chromebook; the student will use the Chromebook that is available in each classroom, but not allowed to take a device home. Please note these devices are available on a limited basis.

Internet Access

Hotspots are available to check out for those students who do not have internet access at home. Please inquire in the Media center.